ENT Follow-up Guidelines

The guidelines below have been agreed across the Welsh Health Boards to try to improve follow-up waiting times. Please check with your Consultant when starting a new rotation if they wish for you to follow these guidelines.



The follow-up period for post-op mastoids is 3 years. Some mastoid cavities don’t require any care and could then be discharged. Others will need dewaxing at intervals and these would need follow-up in a Nurse Practitioner clinic.


1st follow-up to remove the pack. 2nd follow-up at 3 months for post-op audiogram and then discharge.


One post-op follow-up at 6 weeks for audiogram and then discharge. Inform patient and GP to check grommets have extruded via GP Otoscopy and refer back for removal of grommets if still  in situ after 3 years.

Otitis Externa

Should be managed by Nurse Practitioner after the 1st visit.


Normal MRI IAMs don’t need a follow-up appointment. Patient and GP should be informed of the result via letter.


Post-op Surgery

One post-op appointment then discharge if well (e.g. Septoplasty / Nasal Polypectomy / FESS).

Nasal Cautery

Discharge after 1st visit


Benign Throat Symptoms 

No Red Flag with normal examination. Treat accordingly and discharge (e.g. Globus).

Patients requiring Speech Therapy 

Can be discharged unless follow-up requested by Speech Therapy.

Clinically benign neck lumps 

With no significance can be discharged. If USS is clear, a letter can be done and so,  no need for a clinic follow-up.


Of Course, there would be 'grey’ areas and common sense should prevail!